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About Us


Frieda and Gus Soy candles started out for me as a hobby. My mum and I would put aside a day each month and make up a batch of soy candles, and my house would be filled with the beautiful aroma for days. I always felt inspired and satisfied after a day of candle making, and I soon realised it was one of my most enjoyable things to do, so I began making more, and more. black-white-logo-pic.jpg

I was never satisfied just to burn a plain soy scented candle, it had to have some decoration to it, so I always decorated my soy candles. When my friends and family kept asking if they could buy my candles from me, I started thinking that I should actually put more time into making these soy candles that everyone was loving so much. I believe when you find something you really enjoy and are passionate about you should not ignore it, but embrace it, and find more time for it. So, I cut back my hours in my office job, and devoted more and more time to my candles. I wanted a natural top quality candle, and I spent alot of time researching the best type of soy wax and products to use. 

I am passionate about health, fitness, my garden, nature and of course SOY CANDLES! So for my candles soy was my only wax of choice, and lead free wicks it had to be! I have never made a candle using paraffin wax, and I never will. Each and every one of my candles are individually made with love and care, because I choose quality over quantity. 

By now you might be asking "Who is Frieda & Gus?"....  Frieda and Gus are my grandparents (my mothers parents). I call them Opa & Oma. Their life story really inspires me, and is a long one, but I will try and tell the short version here.... In 1952 after world war II my grandparents lived in the communist and ruled over society of East Germany, and they knew they had to get out. Fleeing over the East German border with only the belongings they could carry and their 2 babies. they migrated to Geelong, Australia for a new start - a better life. Like so many other imigrants during this time they arrived in Australia, with basically nothing, but a teachest and their children. They settled in, worked hard, and built a life for themselves and their 4 children, that then turned into 7 Grandchildren, 14 Greatgrandchildren & 2 Great Great grandchildren.

Frieda passed away in 2002, and although Gus missed her terribly he lived on until late 2014. His real name was actually August and this is where our male scented candle Mr.August gets it's name. 

I hope you love Frieda and Gus candles as much as I love making them and sharing them with you.          

Paula Parrotta - Owner/Operator of Frieda & Gus