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Candles have Memories too!

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Yes it's true Candles really do have a memory! And it's super important to create a memory that lasts a long time.

Frieda and Gus Soy Candles


We pay more money for good quality soy candles, so of course we want the longest and best burn time possible out of our candle. The way to create this all starts with the very first burn, and the memory you create.

The first time you burn your new candle you should leave it lit until the melted wax pool reaches the edge of the glass, this may take 1-2 hours, or even longer if you have a very large candle. It is very important not to extinguish your candle until this is achieved, because this is the "memory of the candle". Every other time you burn your candle it will burn and follow the memory path of that first burn. 

If you were to only have your candle burn for a short amount of time, and the melted wax did not reach the edge of the glass, every other time you burn your candle it will only burn to the same point of that first burn (because that's all it remembers). You would then end up with a tunnel effect (like the picture below).


This results in wasted candle wax that is unable to burn, and you will not get the maximum amount of burn time from your candle. Every time you light your candle it is important to allow the melted wax to pool to the edge of the vessel. 

Make that first memory of your candle a long one, and you will ensure a longer burning candle and get the most for your money.